We grow. Become a part of Form Betong and join and build the society of the future.

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Do you want to be part in evolving the industry and build a socity of the future? Become one of us.

Formbetong continues to expand and we’re always looking for new co-workers. When becoming an employee at Formbetong you will become part of an organisation that is characterized by a pioneering spirit. You will get the opportunity to contribute to our winning company culture that, in addition to client centricity, also is characterized by passion and the will to deliver that ”something extra”.

Formbetong is a fairly new company but we’ve already managed to accomplish a lot. At Formbetong you will get the opportunity to grow with us. We know that our employees are our most important assets and that dedicated co-workers makes for happy customers.  That is why we always invest in our emplyees and company culture. To us every single employee is greatly important. This means that all members of staff will be given the opportunity to develop and grow but also that we make demands. 

As an employee at Formbetong you will become part of a customer-oriented organization. For whoever is curious and driven there is excellent opportunities to develop both on a personal and a professional level. 

Right now we’re looking for: Administrators 

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